About Surfside Builders Group


With a Home Renovation by Surfside Builders Group.

Whether you’re renovating to increase the sale price of your property or to create a dream home for your family to enjoy over the next decade, our experience as renovation specialists allows us to tailor the completed project to your exact requirements.

We’ve renovated thousands of homes across Los Angeles and can ensure you enjoy a stress-free build using our Design-Plan-Construct process.

Renovating can be a daunting endeavor. There’s so much to consider and then coordinate, but that is exactly what we do day-in and day-out. As we work with you on the design phase to bring all your ideas and hopes together, right through to presenting you with a life-changing new home, we use our experience and proven systems to eliminate the stress.

Renovation of an existing structure requires different skill sets and problem solving than those needed to build a home from scratch. As renovation specialists the Surfside Builders Group teams have encountered the unique aspects of renovation time and again and have developed strategies to overcome them. It doesn’t matter what state your home is in, or what challenges your block presents, our building teams have likely experienced it before.



The Surfside Builders Group family comprises many local family businesses. Our builders understand the unique joys (and stress) family life can bring because they experience it in their own lives. While you are working to create something wonderful for your family’s future you don’t need additional pressure from the renovation process. We recognize that life goes on during a renovation and we’ll employ compassion and flexibility to minimize the impact that the build has on your life. You might find that renovating wasn’t something you managed to get through, but was something you actually enjoyed.

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